How to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet?

First of all, there are many counterfeit agarwood bracelets on the market now because the price of agarwood price is very high. If you are an amateur in agarwood, it’s difficult to recognize an agarwood bracelet is genius agarwood or fake agarwood. Here are tips for you identify real agarwood bracelet and fake agarwood bracelet […]

Uses of Agarwood Essential Oil

The aroma of agarwood oil is believed to relax the mind, provide emotional stability, and relieve anxiety and depression. Its application also helps to get rid of muscle fatigue and joint pain. Find out more about this essential oil from this Buzzle article. Did You Know? Considered to be of significant religious importance, agarwood essential […]

Agarwood Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Agarwood essential oil is derived from the wood of the same name. Agarwood is produced from a plant that is diseased and fighting an infection. The resin produced by the heartwood trees in order to protect themselves from the mold mixes a little with the heartwood. This is what creates the agarwood with its distinctive […]

History of AgarWood

1. The “Wood of the Gods” has at least a 3,000 year history in the Middle East, Japan and China. Only Kings and the very wealthy were able to benefit from its powers. There are references to agarwood in the literature of India. The Indian poet Kalidasa once wrote: “Beautiful ladies, preparing themselves for the […]

What is AgarWood?

What is Agarwood Tree species capable of producing agarwood Uses of Agarwood Conservation of Agarwood Factors for agarwood formation Agarwood appreciation Agarwood from various places and related grading systems The King of Agarwood – Kynam, Types of Kynam What is Agarwood Agarwood is a resinous substance formed inside agarwood trees that arises as a result […]

7 Uses for Agarwood Essential Oil

AGARWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL Known also as Oud oil, agarwood is one of the most precious, rare and certainly most expensive essential oils in existence today. Agarwood is sometimes called Aloeswood. The essential oil is derived from the heartwood of the agarwood tree. There are a number of popular species but typically aquilaria malaccensis, aquilaria agallocha […]