How to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet?

First of all, there are many counterfeit agarwood bracelets on the market now because the price of agarwood price is very high. If you are an amateur in agarwood, it’s difficult to recognize an agarwood bracelet is genius agarwood or fake agarwood. Here are tips for you identify real agarwood bracelet and fake agarwood bracelet at the buying moment. But you should keep in mind that the level of counterfeiting agarwood bracelet is raising daily. You should not apply rigidly to all situation. It may not effect with super fake agarwood bracelet.

Firstly, identify the real agarwood bracelet base on their smell:

The first tip to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet is at the normal temperature. The smell of real agarwood bracelet is always weaker than the smell of the fake agarwood bracelet. You can only smell the sweet, comfort, delicate and gentle of a real bracelet when you keep it close your nose. With a counterfeit agarwood bracelet, you can smell it far from your nose. But it is not sweet and comfort aroma. Normally, it’s a pungent odor. The real oud wood bracelet has eternal fragrance and the fake oud wood smell is reduced day by day. When you use the bracelet for a long time, its smell can reduce. The only thing to do for you is to put it in hot water for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then clean agarwood beads by soft cloth, dry it. Their natural agarwood smell will back.

At the high temperature, a real agarwood bracelet has a very aromatic smell. A counterfeit agarwood bracelet doesn’t have an aromatic smell. But the seller won’t let you burn their agarwood beads to identify in a normal way. So how can we do? We use steel wire, heat the edge and reeve into the agarwood bead hole. With this method, you can smell the agarwood beads at a high temperature and don’t affect the appearance of beads. It’s the second tip to identify real agarwood bracelet.

Use the hot temperature steel wire to reeve into the agarwood bead hole for checking the smell.

Secondly, identify real agarwood bracelet base on beads color.

A real aloeswood bracelet is natural in color to include white wood parts and infected wood parts. They are never in solid color. The fake bracelet is normally in a solid color, especially in black solid color. Because fake aloeswood bracelet is normally injected oil with high pressure, so it’s color is solid. This is the third tip to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet.

Real agarwood bracelet is never in solid color.

Base on beads surface

The sinking real genius agarwood bracelet is made by very old agarwood trees. Then, the agarwood material is a solid and high density of oud oil. And the only high-density resin inside can make the agarwood bracelet sink in water. As a result, the surface of the sink agarwood bead is very smooth.

The counterfeit agarwood bracelet is normally made from low-quality agarwood chips material. That is why the surface of the agarwood bead is not smooth. It can easily to find when you use a microscope.

How to identify real agarwood bracelet vs fake agarwood bracelet

Conclusion: Some tips above are only for your reference at the buying moment. We try to explain our experience in an easy way. You should buy an agarwood bracelet from a credible seller and they have a guarantee for their products. One more thing is real agarwood products never have a cheap price. A Vietnam sink agarwood bracelet with round shape 16mm beads price is never below $15K. And wild agarwood bracelet price is increasing day by day.

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